One thing you probably don’t know about me is that I am a huge Techie and Gamer! I am always on the lookout for new technology to make my businesses, and life, run more efficiently. Here are the actual tools and resources I use in my businesses every day. And a couple of others that just make life easy! 

Some of these recommendations have affiliate links. But I have one clear rule. If I do not use it myself, it will never be on this page, period.

overthinking your design?

Almost every image you see on this entire website was made, quickly, on Canva. It is the one tab that is ALWAYS open on my, and my team’s laptops. Floor plans, backdrops, vinyl stickers, invites, gobos, you can design EVERYTHING YOU NEED for your event on this one website. It’s that good

your venue is demanding a certificate of insurance?!

Every venue will ask for a “Certificate of Insurance” from you, AND from every vendor you are bringing in. But don’t worry if you never even heard of this! Event Helper will have that COI for you in less than 10 minutes. They do insurance per event. So just fill out the online form, pay, and you will have a COI ready for your event just like that. Event Helper is a life saver! Tell your friends

wondering which client RSVPd from where?

Flodesk is an email marketing software with a clean user interface, gorgeous templates, and easy audience segmenting. What I LOVE about it is that I can quickly create a form and add a segment for the different ways I invite people to my event. That way I know if more people are RSVPing through Instagram, FB, my website, etc… AND, I can automatically send them confirmations, reminders, thank yous, and follow ups. Flodesk is truly the Apple of the email marketing world. 

want to make your event a profit machine?

Every event you see in the corporate world is part of a funnel. Brands and entrepreneurs know you need to “PARTY WITH A PURPOSE”, and that purpose is to sell. Clickfunnels makes it easy to take, and track, your clients through your a journey of free stuff, events, and offerings. Just put them in the funnel and let Clickfunnels do the rest. (I’ve become a master of CF so email me if you have questions and I will walk you through it)

your brain can't remember one more password

As a mom of three and owner of two businesses, I do not have space in my brain to remember every password, but Last Pass does. My FAVORITE PART is you can “share” you passwords with a contractor without them ever seeing it. Last Pass allows that contractor to launch the website and automatically plugs the password without the contractor seeing the details. Then when you are done working with that person, simply revoke their access to it. Voila!

have no idea how much you actually made?

What I love about Quickbooks is that you can create projects to track all your different events. You can upload specific receipts, sales, and contractors used for the event. Then you can quickly pull up a report to see how much you spent and made on that event. This make it easy to see which events are making you the big money!!

need some self care to keep going?


I am OBSESSED with skin care and with Beauty Pie. This is a membership where you get luxury beauty products for a fraction of the price. How? They go to the actual laboratories and bottle the formulas under their label. No more paying for marketing here! My favorites are Super Healthy Skin cream {cough: La Mer: cough} and Everyday Skin Foundation {cough: Armani: cough} ;P

feeling overwhelmed and guilty about dinner?

I HATE to cook! There I said it. But I am giant on nutrition and have three kids to feed, so Every Plate is my life saver. Healthy meals, portioned ingredients, and simple instructions you can follow while listening to your fave podcast. But what I really love about this particular meal service is that there is less packaging than others which is better for the environment and my guilt.  Oh and less trips to the grocery store.