Event Planning Tips & Tricks

Your #1 Goal at Your Event is to Connect with your Target Audience. Here are the 5 Team Members You NEED to handle the Rest

Spotify | Apple Podcast | YouTubeThis is the moment you have been planning for! You put your brand event, seminar, retreat, or conference together, you are ready to make major sales, now is your time to reach that goal. The moment you step into your event, your only task is to connect with your audience. Everything else that happens at your event needs to be handled by your team. That is what will allow you to focus on your goal. I have been producing and handling events for entrepreneurs and brand for ove[...]

5 Tips to eliminate stress & actually enjoy planning a marketing event for your business

Spotify | Apple Podcast | YouTube  As an Expert Event Producer, the most common comment I receive is: I COULD NEVER DO THAT! EVENT PLANNING IS SO STRESSFUL! And I laugh, because it is not stressful at all. It is fun!  Many business owners find it overwhelming to imagine adding event planning to their already busy schedules. However, events should be enjoyable and not stress-inducing. Events are an opportunity to have fun while growing your audience and making sales.  Here are Five Tips that wil[...]

This is how to use live events to build a loyal community for your business and kickstart your dying social media!

Spotify | Apple Podcast | Google PodcastQuestion: What do Costco, YouTube influencers, and Christianity have in common?Answer: They have giant communities of followers. Isn't that what we all want as entrepreneurs? We want this giant community that is loyal to us, that buys all our products and services. And you can build a community very quickly with live events. THREE BENEFITS OF HOSTING LIVE EVENTS FOR YOUR BUSINESS 1.  The goal of a live event is to build community for your brand fast. 2[...]