Recession proof your restaurant by booking more private events

Spotify | Apple Podcast | YouTube As an event consultant, one of the most rewarding experiences is convincing restaurant owners to finally prioritize private events. After all, events are the low-hanging fruit of the industry. And by not having an event strategy in place to easily book events, you are leaving behind four major benefits and significant im[...]

Your #1 Goal at Your Event is to Connect with your Target Audience. Here are the 5 Team Members You NEED to handle the Rest

Spotify | Apple Podcast | YouTubeThis is the moment you have been planning for! You put your brand event, seminar, retreat, or conference together, you are ready to make major sales, now is your time to reach that goal. The moment you step into your event, your only task is to connect with your audience. Everything else that happens at your[...]

Conferences vs masterminds vs retreats: The most common events coaches use, and which one can work best for your community

     Deciding which type of event to have for your coaching community is a roadblock many coaches get stuck on. They want to make sure the time they spend planning is worth their while. They want an event that is at full capacity with a waiting list; one where their clients are delighted to be at and where their offers are "flying off the shel[...]

Plan Your First Coaching Event, with Amazing Results, in 10 Minutes or Less

Yes, it really is easy. So let's not overcomplicate this thing.... An event is simply a gathering, a celebration, a party, a moment of fun. And that is exactly what you need to get in front of your audience and build a loyal following fast! But first let's talk about WHY events. Why spend time planning and attending an event for your coaching business. The[...]


If you want money to flow into your business, you need to start feeling comfortable talking about money. It takes practice, but I promise one day it will be like talking about anything else. And if you want to be a successful event planner with a company that thrives year after year, this is one hurdle you will have to get over quickly. Here are two crucial[...]


Warren Buffet, Phil Mickelson, and many other successful people I listen to share the message of focusing all your energy on one thing in order to succeed in it. And I am over here like ONE THING?! The one thing is that I am so busy I haven't brushed my hair in 3 days and my task list is longer than Warren's monthly bank statement! HOW?! Really, how do you c[...]

Three things to do now, to prepare for the avalanche oF events in 2021

Add the rescheduled events from 2020 + the events from 2021 and you get = A Packed Calendar of Events for 2021!! And here is the question for YOU! Are you prepared? Do you have your business set up? Do you have an efficient and clear planning process?Do you have those invoice templates ready? I am still in shock. I call venues and they are booked[...]