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It is the biggest mistake we see happen on a consistent basis at weddings and corporate events alike. You think you are all set, arrive for setup, and only then realize that chargers will not fit on a standard banquet table with space for flowers in the middle. It breaks my heart every time. The solution at that point is to leave the chargers off the table. But you paid a lot of money for those. So before you run into this problem, watch our video and make sure you rent a table wide enough to fit everything and give you the[...]

No, you are not engaged to justin Bieber and need a wedding planner!!!

Let’s talk about the crazies that us wedding planners have to deal with. No, I am not talking about the bridezillas or the groomzillas. We can easily handle those with some Patron. I am talking about the actual wedding planning inquiries we receive from people convinced they are marrying a celebrity….. I am NOT kidding. This happens to us A LOT. We get the inquiry, set up a call, send our packages, and get ready to go to contract. And then, when we ask for the fiancees name, they are like “Justin Bieber”. Sorry,[...]