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Conferences vs masterminds vs retreats: The most common events coaches use, and which one can work best for your community

     Deciding which type of event to have for your coaching community is a roadblock many coaches get stuck on. They want to make sure the time they spend planning is worth their while. They want an event that is at full capacity with a waiting list; one where their clients are delighted to be at and where their offers are "flying off the shelves". But which event to choose, and where to start?.... WARNING, NOT FOR NEWBIES! If you have never planned a meetup, coffee gathering, or gaming session with your audie[...]


If you want money to flow into your business, you need to start feeling comfortable talking about money. It takes practice, but I promise one day it will be like talking about anything else. And if you want to be a successful event planner with a company that thrives year after year, this is one hurdle you will have to get over quickly. Here are two crucial steps you can start taking immediately:1. PLACE YOUR FEES ON YOUR WEBSITEWhen someone contacts you they are called a "lead". Once you validate that lead by knowing you a[...]


Warren Buffet, Phil Mickelson, and many other successful people I listen to share the message of focusing all your energy on one thing in order to succeed in it. And I am over here like ONE THING?! The one thing is that I am so busy I haven't brushed my hair in 3 days and my task list is longer than Warren's monthly bank statement! HOW?! Really, how do you choose one thing and leave the others to the side? And then I came upon the answer in 2019. Answer is, you don't. It's impossible. Especially women, that are overwhelmed w[...]

Three things to do now, to prepare for the avalanche oF events in 2021

Add the rescheduled events from 2020 + the events from 2021 and you get = A Packed Calendar of Events for 2021!! And here is the question for YOU! Are you prepared? Do you have your business set up? Do you have an efficient and clear planning process?Do you have those invoice templates ready? I am still in shock. I call venues and they are booked solid. My favorite photographer has no availability until November 2021. And let's add to that the unfortunate fact that many vendors closed their businesses. So now the[...]
pros of being an event planner

The Pros and Cons of being an event planner

Just because I plan parties all day, does not mean it is all rainbows and sunshine for event planners. Ok, so it is mostly rainbows and sunshine, but there are a couple of things about being an event planner that suck. Of course from the outside people just see the dancing, decorating, drinking, and hugs. But there is also high emotions. long days, missed holidays, and did I mention the bridezillas. I am going to do my best of describing the best of the best, and the worst of the worst, in an effort to show you what being a[...]
quarantine impact on event planners

starting an event planning career in an economic crisis? Been there, done that

In an instant—everything changed.  It was 2008 and I had just opened my event planning company. That's right, 2008, months before the economy collapsed. I could not believe it. I had my website, business cards, and planning packages ready. I had spent the past three years interning for companies that did big corporate events in NYC, and social events for very wealthy clients. I had a list of corporate contacts ready to email and let them know of my new company in Miami, and then, just like that, corporate events w[...]
Hiring Help for your events


It does not matter if you are planning an event for two people, or two thousand, having Production Assistants (PAs) is necessary to ensure optimal customer service and guard your sanity as a planner. However, I consistently see a pushback on hiring help for events, mostly because of the extra expense. To this point, I encourage event planners to include the PAs fees into their overall fee. There are so many benefits of having extra help for events, that it is worth every penny. BENEFITS TO HAVING PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS F[...]
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How to become a wedding planner

It is one of the most popular questions I receive, "How Do I Become a Wedding Planner?, or How Do I Open My Own Wedding Planning Business?" I had the same question when I started my planning journey almost 15 years ago. After I attended college and did an internship in NYC, I started my company with very minimal knowledge about business. It was a tough first couple of years, learning how to plan weddings & grow my business through trial and error. As a result, I wish I could go back and tell my younger self the corr[...]


It is still all a blur. I was reached out to by one of my favorite brands to design and produce an event for one of my favorite musical artists, and I had less that one day to present a full design board to get the gig. Well about 20 hours of coffee, no-sleep, and scouring the internet led to not one, but two mood boards submitted. A couple of hours later, we got the event!!! One thing though, you have 24 hours to order all the items you need from our stores so that they can ship in time. No problem! Enter another 24 hours[...]


No fluff, here. These are just things that I consistently see done wrong at events with cigar roller. I always cringe and think how easily this could have been fixed and presented well, so that the guests got the best experience possible. Ask for a photo of the table the person will be rolling at. It should be wood, size appropriate, and authentic looking. Now, for some reason, most cigar rollers will ask you to provide the table. No worries. Rent a 4×30″ table with a burlap linen. A 6′ table looks way to big, and[...]