Hi! I'm Joan. I am a professional Event Producer that teaches coaches the quickest way to plan a mastermind, retreat, conference, or meetup that makes you look like a rockstar in front of your clients and leads to easy sales.

Let’s get the Party Started!

I am stuck on finding a venue for my coaching event.
Where do I start?!

Everyone says you need a live event for your launch. But no one tells you how to plan it, starting with your venue!!

Here a guide and checklist for you to easily find and secure the perfect venue for your brand and audience.

I am scared of hosting my own event. What if
no one shows up?!

Planning a Successful Live Event for Your Business (Even if You're an Introvert)

It takes an introvert to know one. And I am definitely an introvert!

 Here are the 5 Tips I use, and give my coaching clients who know they need to plan a live event for their business, but can’t get over the fear of it.

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Come Backstage with Me!

Hi! I am Joan (pronounced Jo-Ann). I am the owner and head event producer of Love.Style.Events in Miami, FL. Since 2008, I have been planning corporate events & experiences in Miami, NYC, and Los Angeles for some of the world’s top brands.

After years of successfully growing my company into a 7-figure business, I began coaching other business owners on how to use events to grow a loyal community like big companies do.

 Being an entrepreneur can be lonely and frustrating, but building a community around your brand will give you the energy, and cash flow to enjoy running your business every day. And you can do this quickly with an event.

My goal is to consistently give you easy and clear steps you can take, to plan a retreat, seminar, or party for your business that turns clients into fans of your brand.